JNS Global LLC
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Welcome To JNS Global LLC.

JNS Global LLC has an international focus on two primary business groups, International Sourcing of products and Web Ecommerce and partnerships.

JNS Global LLC is the result of 30 plus years in international development and marketing providing reliable sourcing services for businesses around the world. Our product lines include tools made in the USA, Israel and the Far East many of which are used in the horticultural, landscape, contractor and agricultural markets. We have affiliate offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai to support your activities. Let JNS Global provide your future products.

Our Web Ecommerce business has been an outgrowth of our sourcing business. We provide a wide variety of products in many of the core markets we source. We currently support over 50 unique URL (websites) and provide a very wide product line for your use.

We specialize in safety, roofing, painting, landscape, and contractor equipment. Some of our partners you may already know in these markets, Wolverine Tools, Seymour Tools, Structron Tools, Bully Tools, King of Spades (wwmfg.), Lackmond Diamond Blades, Chinrose Locks, The Brushman, Superior Equipment, Streetwise Security Products and others. We offer one of the largest arrays of Made In The USA Tools available from one source. Our signature site is Tools and Supplies for Less. Come visit us and join our web community. We offer attractive affiliate marketing programs where you can earn money just by recommending our sites. We also offer customized web development services to tie your product lines into ours in a professional seamless and attractive package.

JNS Global LLC has been in business since 2004 and is backed by over 30 years in the business. We believe in developing our customers and partners "One Relationship at a time."